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Easily add a geographic searcher to any web site!

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Brightwing Web Site Store Locator Service

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With Brightwing Store Locator, visitors to your web site can find your nearest business or dealer locations in the USA and Canada in seconds by clicking on a map, or by using their zip code/postal code, area code, or city and state/province. Use Brightwing to add a geographic searcher for local business, organizational, branch locations, event locations and more to any web site - all with just a few mouse clicks! The Brightwing Store Locator provides a vital link between the virtual world of the web and the physical world of "brick and mortar" business locations.

There are no software programs or scripts for you to buy or install, and you don't need a web host with any special services such as CGI, ASP or Front Page extensions. Using our easy 1-2-3 instructions, you sign up, customize your searcher, and upload data, any time of the day or night (24/7, 365 days a year)! No need to wait and consult with a representative nor do you have to rely on us to upload your data or configure anything for you - ever (of course, we're always happy to help if you have questions). Brightwing's unique technology lets you automatically create a clickable map of your locations, in any color scheme you like (see reduced size sample at right), and instantly update your map as you add or remove business locations. You do it all through a simple web browser interface. You can fully customize the searcher interface your customers see. We give you a 30 day FREE trial so you can see for yourself how easy yet powerful Brightwing is!

Who Needs Brightwing Zip Locator?
Here are just a few examples.

Are you:

  • Designing web sites for businesses?
  • Selling products through local dealers or distributors?
  • Operating a chain of retail stores, restaurants, realty offices, or any kind of business location?
  • Touring with a musical group, theatrical act, or any kind of show?
  • Selling tickets for entertainment venues on a regional or national basis?
  • Sponsoring sporting events regionally or nationally? Such events include racing, horse shows, dog shows, and many others.
  • Representing a labor union with affiliated locals around the country?
  • A part of a religious organization with numerous congregations in different towns?
  • Coordinating a social or civic group such as "Kiwanis", with member organizations in many areas?
  • Running a directory service?
  • Trying to send health insurance clients to the nearest affiliated doctor?

These are just a few examples. Whatever you do, you depend on people being able to find you, wherever they are. Brightwing Zip Locator makes it easy for them, and easy for you!

Why Choose Brightwing Zip Locator?

Compare us feature for feature and you'll see why Brightwing is better. We provide the best features and the easiest operation at the lowest cost. All of these features are included at no extra charge (click the links under the FEATURE column for more detailed info):

FeatureBrightwing Exclusive
Automatically Generated Clickable Map of Your Locations
30 Day Free Trial
Unlimited Free Data Uploads
Keyword Search For Specialized Locations
Immediate Updates From Your Web Browser
Unlimited Free Tech Support
Street Maps and Driving Directions Of Your Locations
No Extra Charge
No Software To Buy/Install
Most User-Friendly Service
Up-Front Pricing
No Need To Speak With A Representative
Search by Area Code
No Extra Charge
Maximum # Of Hits Allowed To Your Searcher
MB of Traffic Allowed

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